In the heart of Moscow.

The Russian Pub has opened its doors on Tverskoy boulevard, attracting visitors by its cozy and distinct atmosphere. The Pub is in fact a craft gastrob.


Brand Chef

Alexey Semenov, a well-known Moscow chef, is a person behind all culinary adventures and experiments in the Pub. He studied cooking at Hoffmann culinary school in Spain, Barilla Academy in Italy, and did an internship with the Michelin Star chef Michel Lentz at Shift Institute in France.

The cuisine is extremely close to Russian traditions, only slightly altered by modern tendencies and non-trivial combinations. He did not leave aside the traditions of English Pubs, only adapted them to our culture, filling a traditional English pie with Sroganov meat and making Burgers, the most popular meal of any bar, with salo (cured pork fat). Alexey has replaced traditional bruschettas and smorrebrods by sandwiches (or rus. – “buters”) with caviar of roasted vegetables, with cod liver, with minced caspian herring and salted farmer beef.